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Volume 44 | Issue 1 | Fall 2015

Table Of Contents

In Memoriam: Professor Monroe E. Freedman

Keep Securities Reform Moving: Eliminate the SEC’s Integration Doctrine
by Stuart R. Cohn
The Cyber Civil War
by Eldar Haber
The Curious Exclusion of Corporations from the Privileges and Immunities Clause of Article IV
by Stewart Jay
Getting More Than Justice on Paper: Bankruptcy Priorities and the Crisis of Unpaid Wages
by Omer Kimhi
Stop Blaming the Prosecutors: The Real Causes of Wrongful Convictions and Rightful Exonerations
by Charles E. Maclean, James Berles, & Adam Lamparello
“Can I take the Normal One?” Unregulated Commercial Surrogacy and Child Abandonment
by Brianne Richards
Fair Users or Content Abusers? The Automatic Flagging of Non-Infringing Videos by Content ID on YouTube
by Leron Solomon