Hofstra Law School Memorial Service for Professor Alan M. Resnick: November 17, 2016

My name is Brian Resnick, and I am Professor Resnick’s eldest son, one of two—along with my brother Craig. It is an honor to be here speaking on behalf of my family and to have everybody here.

I was born in October of 1974, which means that I have known my father for exactly the same amount of time as Stuart [Rabinowitz], Brad [Scheler] and Lou [Scarcella], and two years longer than Eric [Lane], although those first two years are a little fuzzy.

When I was born, my father had gone, overnight, from being a twenty-six-year-old kid—an LL.M. student, childless, living in an apartment in Cambridge with my mother, to being a grown-up—a full time professor at Hofstra, and a father. The span of my life has been roughly the same as that of Hofstra Law School, and we have grown together, connected through my father, for the same little-more than four-decade period.

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