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Hofstra Law School Memorial Service for Professor Alan M. Resnick: November 17, 2016

I spoke to Alan Resnick almost every day for the last five years, usually while each of us were driving to Hofstra in our separate cars. And the call would always start like this: I would say “ALAAAN,” and he … Continue reading

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Remarks At Monroe Freedman’s Memorial

I am Eric Lane, the Dean of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University. I want, first, to welcome all of you to our Remembrance of Professor Monroe Freedman who passed away last February. We are so … Continue reading

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Are We Still Americans?

We are living in a time of crisis. Terrorists have struck our shores and promise to again. We are at war in Afghanistan and Iraq and some believe we should add Iran to our battlefields. To protect us, the President … Continue reading

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On Madison, Muslims, and the New York City Police Department

An exchange of letters between James Madison and Thomas Jefferson frames this Article. In October of 1787, Madison, the intellectual and political force behind the successful adoption of the Constitution in September of that year, had forwarded a copy of … Continue reading

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