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Enforcing the ABA Guidelines in Capital State Post-Conviction Proceedings After Martinez and Pinholster by Eric M. Freedman

The American Bar Association (“ABA”) Guidelines for the Appointment and Performance of Defense Counsel in Death Penalty Cases1 (“Guidelines”) mandate “high quality legal representation in accordance with these Guidelines” from the moment of arrest until the prosecution is no longer … Continue reading

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Introduction: Re-Stating the Standard of Practice for Death Penalty Counsel: The Supplementary Guidelines for the Mitigation Function of Defense Teams in Death Penalty Cases (PDF)

As the Anglo-American legal world has understood for centuries, if a criminal justice system that includes capital punishment is to be a just one it must at the least insure that the defendant receives truly effective defense representation. Since modern … Continue reading

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Habeas by Any Other Name

I am most grateful to Melinde Sanborn and Professor William E. Nelson for their work on a fascinating case which has enriched my thinking regarding the major project now engaging me and enabled me to put together a few preliminary … Continue reading

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