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Foreword, Mission Critical Veterans Health Summit: Addressing the Invisible Wounds of our Nation’s Veterans

The articles in this Symposium reflect the presentations of panelists at an April 2016 conference, developed by the Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy (“Gitenstein Institute”) at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University and by … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the “Patient”: Shifts in Attitudes About Consent, Genetic Information, and Commercialization in Health Care

A momentous ideological change in the world of health care has accompanied the advent of managed care, third party payers, soaring costs, and sophisticated medical technology. The ideological change has facilitated a far-reaching transformation in the physician-patient relationship. A form … Continue reading

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Debating Conflicts: Medicine, Commerce, And Contrasting Ethical Orders

Every important social debate is grounded in a seminal development in the history of ideas, and can be understood in proportion as the relevant development is understood. The debate of concern to this Article—that involving the appropriate relationship between physicians … Continue reading

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Attitudes About Human Embroys, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, and Related Matters

Human embryonic stem cells (“hESCs”) were first isolated in 1998. A year earlier, Dr. Ian Wilmut had cloned an adult sheep to create Dolly. These developments are not unrelated. Each engendered widespread debate about the practical and moral implications of … Continue reading

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