The Three and a Half Minute Transaction: Boilerplate and the Limits of Contract Design

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Last fall we gave a faculty workshop at the Hofstra University School of Law on an early version of our book manuscript, The Three and a Half Minute Transaction. The resulting debate was lively and the discussion ranged over a wide variety of topics. The end result, much to our delight, was that the editors of the Hofstra Law Review suggested a symposium where they would invite a group of eminent scholars and practitioners to react to the manuscript. The hope was that those reactions would generate a further debate akin to the one we had at the workshop. Given the exceptional group of scholars and experts in the field that the editors of the Hofstra Law Review have assembled, they have achieved that goal. And we are pleased that they asked us also to contribute a short introduction to their symposium that would provide readers with some background on the book manuscript.

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