The Future of the Legal Profession: The New York City Corporation Counsel’s Perspective on the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

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Michael A. Cardozo


The legal profession is going through a profound change, one which will significantly alter both current and future lawyers’ careers, and one which the profession as a whole has yet to fully understand or address. As the number of law school graduates in this country continues to rise, together with their increasing amounts of debt, the effect of the recent recession can be seen in the low number of jobs and uncertain career prospects for young lawyers. Society as a whole is also still reeling from the downturn, with many people in dire need of legal services that they cannot afford. Many describe this situation as a crisis; I believe it is an opportunity not to be wasted. Though the economic downturn has altered the legal job market drastically, a large portion of what it did was accelerate the pace of certain, necessary changes.

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