Business Necessity and Hostile Work Environment: an Evolutionary Step Forward for Title VII

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So, imagine that you are a bright, young college graduate. You are also a female. The first interview that you get is with a new internet magazine that was launched only a few months ago. The job you are interviewing for is merely an administrative position that has nothing to do with site content, but you think you should go on the interview anyway. When you get there, you realize that the internet magazine specializes in celebrity gossip, weird news stories and current sexual issues affecting people in your age range. After a generous offer, you decide to take the position and build your resume, but after a few months you notice that something is changing. The celebrity gossip and sexual issues are merging, and evolving, into a new animal—they are now one column that seeks to shock people with ridiculous sex stories about celebrities, and contains graphic, vulgar content that, quite frankly, offends you. No longer is the site about funny gossip and interesting anecdotes; rather, it is vulgarity and obscenity at its best—but everyone, including your boss, is very happy because the number of hits to the site has tripled.

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