Stopping Doctor Evil: How to Prevent the Prevalence of Health Care Providers Sexually Abusing Sedated Patients

 In Notes

Susan Hyman went to her dentist, Dr. Marvin Teicher, for a wisdom tooth extraction. Ms. Hyman was skeptical that the Novocaine would alleviate her pain from the procedure, so Dr. Teicher graciously offered Ms. Hyman another alternative; he injected a mysterious fluid into her arm. The next thing Ms. Hyman remembers is waking up to something touching her face. It was Dr. Teicher’s exposed penis. Dr. Teicher then slapped Ms. Hyman, kissed her, and groped her breasts and thighs.

Amy Metzler, a nineteen-year-old college student, went to her oral surgeon, Dr. J. Phillip Kurtz, to have four of her wisdom teeth removed. After the extraction, and while Ms. Metlzer was still overcoming the effects of anesthesia, Dr. Kurtz fondled her buttocks, rubbed her thigh, and rubbed her genitalia while she was in the recovery room. Ms. Meltzer sued Dr. Kurtz for his misconduct, and three other women joined as plaintiffs alleging that Ms. Metzler was not a lone victim and that Dr. Kurtz did the same thing to them.

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