Hofstra Law School Memorial Service for Professor Alan M. Resnick: November 17, 2016

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Alan Resnick changed my life. In the course of our forty-year relationship, he was my teacher, my mentor, and my close friend. To a large extent, Alan Resnick made me who I am today.

I first met Alan in the fall of 1974 when we started Hofstra Law School together. He was a twenty-six-year-old first-time law professor with an LL.M. degree from Harvard, and I was a first-year law student, just a few years his junior. Alan was young and approachable, with long hair and eventually a mustache—grown, I suspect, to make himself look older. We met, not in the formality of the classroom, but casually, in the halls of the building, and while I was not a student in his class at the time, he would always greet me by name whenever our paths crossed.

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