Remarks on the Passing of Professor Alan M. Resnick

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I know that none of us thought that we would be here today mourning Alan. Alan, most especially. Always full of life, always optimistic, always confident that he could and would overcome every obstacle and challenge, when Alan called to relate the advice he had received from his doctors, for the briefest of moments, it was clear that for Alan, as it is and has been for all of us, a first thought was how could this be? But then, in an instant, while sharing with me the most difficult and heart wrenching of circumstances, he was the Alan we all know and love; the very best teacher and professor, explaining to me, his student, with precision and detail the why and how of all that was upon him. It was Alan, wanting to be sure that I was okay and doing all to ensure that I was going to be okay. Wanting me to hear and understand his perspectives and feelings. Wanting me to know all; but also wanting to be sure that I would find a way to be at ease about all with him.

During that discussion Alan also related that because we were in every sense family, he wanted me to share with you my thoughts and feelings about him and his life. Because my professor, colleague, friend and, yes, in every sense my brother, asked, I have tried, but please do know that as related to our loss of Alan, there are no words.

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