The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Set Aside the Moral and Ethical Debates, How Does One Operate Within this Law?

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The recent Fédération de Internationale de Football Association (“FIFA”) bribery scandal has brought the United States’ attention back to ethics in business, and how overseas companies and entities ethically operate. In addition, the FIFA bribery scandal has brought to the world’s attention that the United States acts differently when it gets its way versus when it does not. Some have argued that the United States’ efforts in going after FIFA officials were initiated by the fact that American bribes were not accepted and Russia got the World Cup instead.

Countries around the world deal with bribery in different areas of business as does the United States, but how much we want to look at bribery in these cases can make many feel uncomfortable. This is because we all want to win and compete for the prize, whatever that prize may be, and that leads to questionable ethical behavior. As we have seen with the International Olympic Committee and FIFA, bribery is a world issue.

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