The Hofstra Law Review published its inaugural issue in 1973. Since that time, we have earned and maintained our reputation as a professional and well-regarded journal. The Hofstra Law Review is currently the 88th most cited law review in the country.

The Hofstra Law Review enjoys full coverage by HeinOnline, Westlaw and LexisNexis. Every article published by our Law Review is accessible on these databases, assuring our authors exposure to the widest possible audience. The Hofstra Law Review enjoys an international circulation to over 750 institutions and libraries.

Our membership consists of the finest students from each class. The top five percent of the first-year class along with the five winners of our annual writing competition are invited to join the Law Review.Our remaining members are selected based upon a combination of their grade point average and writing competition score.

Our sixteen-member editorial board is dedicated to providing each of our authors with the utmost in professional service and personal attention. Selected by the Law Review each February, members of the editorial board are committed to producing a publication of the highest quality.

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