Table of Contents


A Tribute to The Imaginative Creativity of Roger Traynor
by Fleming James, Jr.

Roger Traynore as a Judge
by Page Keeton

In Tribute to Roger Traynor
by Robert E. Keeton


Chief Justice Traynor and Strict Tort Liability For Products
by John W. Wade

Was Prosser’s Folly Also Traynor’s? Or Should the Judge’s Monument be Moved to a Firmer Site?
by Reed Dickerson

From Codling, To Bolm, To Velez: Triptych To Confusion
by Aaron D. Twerski

The Expanding Liability of the Product Supplier: A Primer
by Paul D. Rheingold

Product Misrepresentation and the Doctrine of Causation
by Jerry J. Phillips

Strict Products Liability: The Implied Warranty of Safety, and Negligence with Hindsight as Tests of Defect
by Gerald J. Adler

Consumer Involvement and the Consumer Product Safety Act
by Joseph Page

“Uncle Sam,” The Product Safety Man: Consumer Product Safety Standards in the Marketplace and in the Courts
by James A. Brodsky and Marsha N. Cohen


Federal Consumer Protection and the Toy Industry: The Dilemma of Legislative Exclusion

Advertising, Product Safety, and a Private Right of Action Under the Federal Trade Commission Act

State Implementation of the Consumer Product Safety Act

The Last Vestige of the Citadel

The Demise of Vertical Privity: Economic Loss and the Uniform Commerical Code

The Use of Behavioral Research in Products Liability Litigation

The Legal and Social Implications of Psychopharmacology


Walters v. Hiab Hydraulics, Inc., 356 F. Supp. 1000 (M.D. Pa. 1973) and W.D. Rubright Co. v. International Harvester Co., 358 F. Supp. 1388 (W.D. Pa. 1973): Contribution in Products Liability Cases

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