Volume 44 | Issue 2 | Winter 2015

Table Of Contents

A Tribute To Monroe Freedman
by President Stuart Rabinowitz
Remarks At Monroe Freedman’s Memorial
by Dean Eric Lane
Monroe Freedman: Friend, Role Model, And Colleague
by Roy Simon
Foreword: Legal Malpractice Is No Longer The Profession’s Dirty Little secret
by Susan Saab Fortney
Aggregate Settlements And Attorney Liability: The Evolving Landscape
by Lynn A. baker
Legal Malpractice In International Business Transactions
by Vincent R. Johnson
Reflections Of An Ethics Expert And A Lawyer Who Retains Him
by M.H. Hoeflich & Bill Skepnek
Lawyers On Trial: Juror Hostility To Defendants In Legal Malpractice Trials
by Herbert M. Kritzer & Neil Vidmar
The Litigation Privilege: Its Place In Contemporary Jurisprudence
by Louise Lark Hill
The Law of Unintended Consequences Whether And When Mandatory Disclosure Under Model Rule 4.1(b) Trumps Discretionary Disclosure Under Model Rule 1.6(b)
by Peter R. Jarvis & Trisha M. Rich
When Clients Sue Their Lawyers For failing To Report Their Own Malpractice
by Benjamin P. Cooper
A No-Fault Remedy For Legal Malpractce?
by Melissa Mortazavi
Dealing With Conflicts And Disqualification Risks Professionally
by James B. Kobak, Jr.
Some Early Thoughts On Liability standards For Online Providers of Legal Services
by Benjamin H. Barton
Amending state Putative Father Registries: Affording More Rights and Protections To America’s Unwed Fathers
by Ivy Waisbord
Childhood Trauma And special Education: Why The “IDEA” Is failing Today’s Impacted Youth
by Felicia Winder
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