Volume 46 | Issue 3 | Spring 2018

Table Of Contents


Thirty Years Later: A Look Back at the Original U.S. Sentencing Guidelines

The Original U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and Suggestions for a Fairer Future
by Stephen G. Breyer
The Federal Sentencing Guidelines: A Good Idea Badly Implemented
by Jon O. Newman
Does Failure to Mitigate Damages Bar Recovery of the Costs of Mitigation?
by Gregory Crespi
Captivating Deductions
by Charlene D. Luke
Reconciling Subject-Matter Jurisdiction
by Bradley Scott Shannon
It’ll Break Your Heart Every Time: Race, Romanticism, and the Struggle for Civil Rights In Litigating Baseball’s Antitrust Exemption
by John Tehranian
An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Economic Models in Complex Litigation
by Jeff Todd
Fixing Our Aging Infrastructure: How to Pay for Airport Improvements
by Maryanne Santini
The Perfect Storm: Weathering Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Crisis in the Wake of Hurricane Maria
by Victoria Zorovich
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