Volume 46 | Issue 4 | Summer 2018

Table Of Contents


Effective Capital Defense Representation,
The ABA Guidelines, and the Twilight of the Death Penalty

Symposium Introduction
by Eric M. Freedman
Protecting People With Intellectual Disability From Wrongful Execution: Guidelines for Competent Representation
by Sheri Lynn Johnson, John H. Blume, Emily Paavola and Lindsey S. Vann
The Past, Present, and Future of the Mitigation Profession: Fulfilling the Constitutional Requirement of Individualized Sentencing in Capital Cases
by Russell Stetler
Appendix 1: Death Sentences Have Always Been Rare in the Modern Era
Appendix 2: Child Victim Cases Where Jury Rejected Death Penalty
Appendix 3: Law Enforcement Victim Cases Where Jury Rejected Death Penalty
Appendix 4: Multiple Victim Cases Where Jury Rejected Death Penalty
The Ethical Argument for Funding in Clemency: The “Mercy” Function & the ABA Guidelines
by Laura Schaefer
Reclaiming Van Hook: Using The ABA’s Guidelines And Resources To Establish Prevailing Professional Norms
by Emily Olson-Gault
Evaluating Intellectual Disability: Clinical Assessments In Atkins Cases
by James W. Ellis, Caroline Everington and Ann M. Delpha
Express Yourself: Providing Greater Protection for Independent Art Authenticators Who Offer Good Faith Opinions
by Savannah Holzwarth
Foreclosure Madness: Using Mortgage Deceleration to Evade the Statute of Limitations
by Matthew B. Nevola
Off the Mark?: Mitigating the Conflict Between Local Landmark Ordinances and Individual Property Rights
by Kayley B. Sullivan
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