Volume 47 | Issue 1 | Fall 2018

Table Of Contents


Movement Lawyering Roundtable Symposium

Symposium Introduction
by Ellen Yaroshefsky
Rebuilding the Ethical Compass of Law
by Purvi Shah
Case Study 1: Movement Groups with Flat, Innovative Governance Structures
by Meena Jagannath and Sameer Ashar
Case Study 2: Advising Grassroots Organizations
by Bruce A. Green and Marci Seville
Case Study 3: Movement Lawyers and Community Organizers in Litigation: Issues of Finances and Collaboration
by Paul R. Tremblay and Baher Azmy
Case Study 4: Lawyer for A Coalition of Organizations with an Informal Leader
by Scott L. Cummings and Michael Haber
Case Study 5: Coalitions and Campaigns A Workers’ Rights Policy Campaign
by Susan D. Carle and Sarah Leberstein
Case Study 6: Working with Traditional Lawyers
by Katherine R. Kruse and Mary Yanik
Movement Lawyering Reading Guide
by Purvi Shah on Behalf of The Center for Constitutional Rights Edited by Ellen Yaroshefsky
Selected Historical Bibliography on African American Women’s Activism (Focusing on 1880 to 1920)
by Susan D. Carle

Effective Capital Defense Representation, The ABA Guidelines, and The Twilight of The Death Penalty
Part II

Introduction: System Perspectives on The Guidelines
by Eric M. Freedman
A View of The ABA Death Penalty Defense Representation Guidelines from The Prosecution’s Table
by Matthew Redle
The ABA Guidelines: The Arizona Experience
by Larry Hammond and Robin M. Maher
The Pre-Sullivan Common Law Web of Protection Against Political Defamation Suits
by James Maxwell Koffler
Realistic Assumptions in Economic Models
by Jeff Todd
Balancing National Security Interests Against the Value of Chinese Capital
by Brendan Catalano
The Textalyzer: The Constitutional Cost of Law Enforcement Technology
by Christian Curran
Blind Money: How Money Laundering Could Help Stem Campaign Finance Corruption
by Matthew Murray
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